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April 26 2013

"Feel Real" Production Notes

"Feel Real" is a song about computer programs that fall in love with each other. They were designed to hook people into online dating services, but somehow found each other. Unfortunately, in their programming they can never truly love anyone because that would require eventually meeting in person. All they can do is lure each other in, until the zeros outnumber the ones.

The song was conceived for an EP I co-produced with my friend...

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January 23 2013

Contact trouble?

Seems a number of folks have had trouble with the "contact" form as of late. If you get an error trying to contact me through this site, feel free to email me directly at: Matt@weiss-sound.com . This matter is being looked into.

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December 30 2012

Miami, Makin' Moves

I've been running around Miami for the last couple of weeks. This has been my first time here. It's a very different vibe. But different good. A lot of people are making moves. I'm happy to link with J-Run. He's about to get his work in. This isn't the first time I've been working closely with someone who is about to make a major move. And there's really nothing more rewarding than being a part of someone's success.

This last couple of...

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July 15 2012

Gear update

I'm not good with keeping up with these blogs. On a certain level I still sort of fail to see what this whole "internet" is about, but what the heck, here we go.

The last few months have been really exceptional. Normally after June things slow down for July and August as everyone goes on vacation and such. However, I've been booked almost every day this month, and I'm booked for 3/4 of August. The extra income went toward my retirement...

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March 16 2012

In the lab hard!

It's been crazy busy. Been knocking out a slew of tracks for Space Cowboy (DJ, Co-Producer, Co-writer with Lady Gaga). I'm looking to wrap up Senim Silla's (of Binary Star) album shortly. My production partner has been killing it on the business side - got some connects going with Yo Gotti, Chris Brown, and Usher. Then we're doing the "Board of Director's" album. And many singles in between.

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